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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sending Cards to Sponsored Children

A long time ago I had the privilege to Intern for a semester at World Vision in Washington D.C. in their Government Relations division.  I have a deep passion for their third-world work that assist each project to build itself into a self-sustaining, educating,  healthy community.  Families are equipped to take care of their own to prevent malnourishment, abandonment and death.

Upon college graduation my husband and I were excited to start sponsoring a child with World Vision and we eventually added a second child.  The exciting, bittersweet part is when the village reaches all their goals to be self-sustainable that World Vision then moves the sponsorship to a new project location.  This has meant that we have been a part of several lives and communities.
We get updates from the children and about the project a couple of times a year.  They love to receive cards and get to know us.

Our group made a selection of cards to send over the next 6 months to our sponsored child to connect them to our lives and help them learn about our culture, holidays, and celebrations. To learn more about sponsorship of children and how you can get involved, I highly recommend both of these organizations:
Light Africa
World Vision

I kept the designs simple since they will travel overseas and possibly be handled by censors and project coordinators.  These are the 6 cards that we made: 

Christmas Card Enabler's List
Product List

Winter Time Card Enabler's List

Product List

Valentines' Day Card Enabler's List

Product List

Easter Card Enabler's List

Product List

Thinking of You Enabler's List:

Product List

Summer Fun Enabler's List

Product List

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