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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Raffle Prizes

Raffle prizes at Inking Idaho on the Road are a big deal!  The projects are lovely works of art.  These pictures don't show them well enough but you can grasp what an amazing piece of art each prize is.

Paper flowers were made by Becky Roberts.  They are huge and exquisite!

Bonnie Carrington made this sweet collection of cards in a stand with adorable little feet at each corner. 

This framed piece has punch art animals made by Cathy Stevenson.

Vicki Eisenbeisz made this scrapbook for storing your favorite photos and memorabilia of paradise!

This birthday cake is wrapped Hershey nuggets made by Jen Guarino. 

Sabine Swanson crafted this cascade of paper flowers.

I crafted a platter of purses with cards and chocolate.

A suit case filled with cards by Karen Leavitt.

Winter art framed and ready for enjoyment made by Linda Doser.

Aren't these spectacular?  It was so much fun to see the winner's proudly carry home their prizes.  We have so much fun preparing for this event - and yes it is a lot of WORK as well as fun!  I'm excited to share the displays over the next few posts with you.  Which raffle prize do you wish you could take home?

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