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Friday, April 28, 2017

Last Round Up NYC

* Due to social media refusing any further mass posts, I am back to the blog.  I have never had apps crash like they did with these photos.  So here it is:

I have three more amazing groups of photos to share from our NYC trip.  I had to do some research on many sites, including the cathedral, before I could publish.   I hope you enjoy these and forgive how very long this post is.

Night Lights cruise

This is the Waterfront Terminal of the Central Railroad of New Jersey:

"With the opening of the Immigration Station on Ellis Island in 1892, traffic increased dramatically. Two-thirds of these courageous newcomers, welcomed by the Statue of Liberty and processed on Ellis Island, started their new lives via the CRRNJ Terminal, settling in New Jersey or traveling on to other states."

Ellis Island Immigration Station saw over 12 million immigrants during 54 years of use.

The beautiful Statue of Liberty that welcomed immigrants to the harbor after their voyage across the Atlantic Ocean.

A view of the south end of the peninsula.  

Brooklyn Bridge, a marvel of very early engineering. It was the first steel-wire suspension bridge even constructed.

So impressive to see up close.

Aaron as we approached the Manhattan bridge, a two level suspension bridge.

Manhattan Bridge

Sunset sky with the Empire State Building.

The beautiful colors changed so fast.

My favorite, the Chrysler Building, against the colorful clouds.  Those arches all lit up are spectacular!

Long Island harbor.

The first use of neon lighting.

The World Trade Center tower antenna lit up in blue.

I caught a quick selfie.

Aaron and I at Rockefeller Center and the lights behind us.

Looking up the block you can see the NBC studio sign on the left and Radio City Music Hall sign to the right.  This was a block from our hotel!

St. Patrick's Cathedral 

This view of St. Patrick's Cathedral from our room was enchanting.  Sadly a Rockefeller building cut into the view but I loved the rooftop garden that was overlooking the cathedral.  I wish it had been open to the public but it was designed for employee refreshment and is exclusively for employees.

I was standing on the other side of the cathedral so this captures the opposite side.

Inside looking towards the front entry or back of the sanctuary is the stained glass rose window and the pipe organ.

A panorama as I stood in the middle and looked from front to back of the nave (the seating area).

Viewing the immense ceiling and stained glass windows, looking towards the front.

This is looking towards the back of the nave.

Standing behind the golden baldacchino, or canopy, that covers the altar on the sanctuary which is the platform area (a different word usage than in a protestant house of worship).

Every window honored a saint and shared their story.  I was quite impressed with St. Louis, King of France, born in 1214.

Standing in the nave and looking into the front of the sanctuary.

St. Patrick of Ireland looks out over the sanctuary.

This is the throne for the priest to preside over mass.  It is on the left side of the sanctuary.  It is positioned so that he sits on the side and looks towards the opposite side rather than looking out at the nave and the congregation, this was new to me.

Rockefeller Center and Skyscraper

Beautiful fountains and flowers between buildings in the plaza.

We went up to the 68th floor, the "Top of the Rock," at night to view the city lights.  The Empire State Building is stunning.

The Empire State Building was light up in blue to honor the employees of NYC.  These other two buildings changed colors every few seconds: blue and purple.

Then aqua in the center and green on the right.  They changed to red, orange, pink, etc.

We went up one more floor and I about crumbled in terror.  The glass walls were astounding but the concrete decoration around the floor only came up about 2 feet and created a visual absence of safety.  Those large antennas were flexing in the wind along with the clouds moving in the sky the optical illusion was that the building was swaying and I was compelled to cling to the wall behind me.

Back behind walls and windows I was much more composed.  This is looking north toward Central Park.  It is the dark rectangle patch with lights following the paths.  We almost missed recognizing this large area.

I am borrowing this image to show Central Park and the glass with short concrete edges.

That ends the photos of our trip.  We flew home early, the next morning. It was fun to visit and tag along while Aaron had a conference.  We learned a lot and saw so many amazing things.  NYC it grand for being a tourist but I will never live there!


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