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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

The Trailer - Creating a Studio, Part 2 of 3

Welcome back for Part 2 of my story about converting a vintage trailer into my stamping studio.  We hit a speed bump at Christmas time as hubby had shoulder surgery to repair his rotator cuff. I was eager to work but limited in skills and experience.  So I called up on my cousin Zane to see if he would step in to help me finish the project.  I'm grateful and blessed that he said yes.

His first goal was to get the trailer leveled so that the walls would be installed straight and level. This was fascinating and bizarre to see how the frame reacted to being put on blocks.  After much effort it was level, solid, and felt so much more stable inside. 

Gretechen, my older daughter, helped Aaron before surgery.  And then he tried installing some wall board before realizing it was too much too soon.  The angles and saws required flexibility and dexterity that he no longer had with one arm in a sling. 

He did get the lights installed before surgery and that was so exciting with the beautiful ceiling.  And this photo below on the right was the night he realized he could not push his recovery, so he was done.

Zane finished the beadboard on the walls.  He also milled and installed trim around all the window casings and the angles for the curved ends at the front and back of the trailer.  I primed and painted all of the trim and the baseboard moulding boards.

Zane boxed in the wheel wells so that space will be sturdy to hold shelving.  Those were also primed and painted.  I primed and painted so many layers and nooks and crannies, it felt endless!

I had selected vinyl plank flooring and that was installed last.  The space looked so pretty to have the interior all new, fresh, and bright.  

Then I started moving in and it was a process of chaos and fun!

I am parked 5 feet from our natural gas meter so this little fireplace will run off of a connection to our natural gas.  The thermostat will keep my inks and supplies stable during the freezing winter season.  And I will be comfortably warm to work out here despite the weather. 

Come back for Part 3 on Saturday, June 18.

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Sarah N said...

what a wonderful adventure with your new studio! can't wait to see the next installment on Saturday! super inspiring - thanks for sharing

Janey said...

Thank you so much!